How Does this sound for a diet?

  1. How Does this sound for a diet?

    Breakfast: 2 scoops protein in water, 1 packet oatmil

    Lunch: Salad with cheese and chicken, Fat free ranch ,cup of low fat milk

    Snack: 1 packet tuna

    Dinner: Salad with cheese and ham, 1 cup low fat milk

    Snack: 1 scoop protien in water and apple

    Before Bed: 1 scoop protein in water, Bannana

  2. What are your goals? Looks like a low amount of cals and hardly any fat..
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  3. yeah, if you wanna play majan all day.

  4. ok, sorry to be a prick. honestly though, this diet is probably inadequate. it's not too bad. i would say just to ensure 1g protein per lb. of bodyweight or in the very least per lb. of LBM.

    then, you should up the fats. i would make dinner a steak salad and add the apple in there with all that stuff. however, some do not like mixing carbs/fats, so adjust finer-tuned as you see fit. i would then eat 2 oz. nuts with the after-dinner snack. then for bed, i would eat something of a serving of cottage cheese full flavor with maybe even a couple eggs.

    don't starve yourself. just know when you need your nutrients and what you need.

  5. also, you need a lot of greens. your body in its deficit will depend upon more fats and more nutrients. you should add in some asparagus, BROCOLLI, green beans, collards, onions, tomatoes, etc. in.

  6. post your goals including the time frame you want to complete them in. Fat is good!


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