Puffed Kamut

  1. Puffed Kamut

    I dont know if anyone here eats Puffed Kamut, but it is definitely worth a try. Kamut is a ancient relative of wheat, and has similar amino acid make up. Most people who have an intolerance for wheat can use kamut without any issues. The brand I use, has only 50 calories per cup, 9 net carbs and 3g protein. I usually pour a bunch of it in a bowl and cover with Cinnabun whey protein from all the whey mixed with water and it ends up tasting like a mix between sugar smacks and cinnamon toast crunch. I was just wondering if anyone else eats Puffed Kamut or has any thoughts on it.
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  2. never heard of it...where did you pick it up?


  3. That sounds cool. Never heard of it though..

  4. I get mine at a local Wegman's and also a couple health food stores carry it. The cereal itself is made by Arrowhead Mills. I might get some today and give it a try with some pslin preworkout and see how that goes.
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