How does my diet look. Suggestions Please

  1. How does my diet look. Suggestions Please

    I am looking to really bulk up but stay lean at the same time. I do not have a set diet right now but i am looking for something that will help me achieve these goals. I weigh 145, 5"9. I want to get up to around 155 from a good diet but stay cut at the same time(if that makes any sense). I can get any kind of food that i will need if i could get a good meal regiment from someone. If anyone can help please do.I take NO Explode for pre workout. I take protein and creatine after my workouts and those are the only supps i am taking for post workout. Take it easy on me i am new to these forums so if there is anything that you need to know please ask. Thank you

    For breakfast I have:

    3 eggs
    1 yogurt
    1 glass of milk (approx 1.5-2 servings)
    1 orange
    1 fiber bar with oats (35% of daily fiber) 140 cals 2g protein 29 g carbs

    over 750 calories depending.

    well i usually eat about for lunch.

    3-4 eggs 300-400 cals 27 g protein

    around 85 g of chicken breast cuts (precooked to save time)
    23 g protein, 100 calories. fat cal 10 sodium 670 mg

    a cup of mixed fruit. 70 cal. 18 g carbs. sodium 10 mg 18 g carbs

    another fiber bar(35 %) 140 cals 2g protein 29 g carbs

    yogurt 70 cals 4 g protein 13 g carbs

    sometimes i add cottage cheese. about 170 cals. 28 g protein. 6 carbs

    total of 950 cals roughly. 85 g protein... roughly 66 carbs

    I usually workout before my lunch also. I take my protein and creatine immediately after my workout. 24 g of protein. making the total lunch 109 g of protein.

    that is my lunch usually. I have not gained any weight on it either. I will report back with my dinner regiment later. thanx for the help and suggestions

    dinner regiments vary.. im sorry. I live at home right now about to go to college in a bit. I eat whatever my mom makes lol and i am glad that she is still here to cook for me kuz i am not a big cook myself. I try to stay away from the breads and potatos that she makes though. It varies every night what she is going to prepare and she loves to make a variety of things so i cannot give an example of what i would eat every night of the week. Sorry for whatever that is worth. The breakfast and lunch are all up to me though with school and everything going on. Any other suggestions such as what foods to stay away from when i am eating dinner or what foods i should tell her to incorporate in her meals would be much appreciated. thank you

  2. First off you have come to the right place if your looking for help. You can still bulk up and keep your bf in check as long as you do it with clean foods and not an outrageous caloric surplus.

    first it looks like you need to add in more meals to me. Are you only getting in breakfast lunch and dinner?
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  3. Well just looking at your breakfast I'm not quite sure if that's 750 calories. There has been many threads on this, but the most important thing in my mind is that Calories in > Calories Burned. This surplus is where you will build muscle from, and if this surplus is too large, then it will be stored as fat. Having said that, you need to figure out your daily caloric expenditure (I recommend John Berardi's formula, although it is a bit high sometimes ). While you're at his site, read up on some of his other nutritional articles.

    I recommend 5-7 small meals throughout the day, and I like a 40 Carbs / 30 Pro / 30 Fats , although some like 50/30/20 .

    When telling her what to incorporate, suggest lean meats like Chicken, Turkey, Pork Tenderloin, Lean Beef etc. Also fish is great, especially wild salmon. Veggies and fruit are important in getting you the vital nutrients, and I would recommend asking for healthy stir-fry's with lots of veggies.

    For snacks, one of my favourite secrets is making Chef Lisa Marie's Turkey Meatloaf (You can google it, it's from a different forum) and snacking on 2 while on the road!

    There's tons of great threads about this in this forum though, so explore with the search feature

  4. Apparently i need to add more meals to my day. yes i only get 3 meals in a day tops. I have school and i play golf everyday after school so it is tough to get in more than those meals. What would u reccomend for my meals inbetween the main meals of the day

  5. School isn't an excuse to cop out on a diet. I have school as well and fit in 6-7 clean, healthy meals a day. Golf practice isn't an issue either, I usually practice 4-6 hours a day, just bring along a huge jar of peanuts, bananas, apples, and water. Everyone on here will tell you: eat a ton.

  6. It sounds like you're a senior and leave school early (you workout before lunch)? If so, all the more easier to fit in 3 or 4 more meals. When I made my diet I tried to make breakfast slightly bigger than the other meals, but everything else is almost the same "size". People on AM will preach 30-40g of protein with every meal, so I try and stick with that as well.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by epixep View Post
    It sounds like you're a senior and leave school early (you workout before lunch)? If so, all the more easier to fit in 3 or 4 more meals. When I made my diet I tried to make breakfast slightly bigger than the other meals, but everything else is almost the same "size". People on AM will preach 30-40g of protein with every meal, so I try and stick with that as well.

    ya i am a senior and i have a couple off periods for lunch that i use to lift. i will grab more food like fruit and peanuts, chewey bars (i love those) before i leave for school and when i leave from my workout after lunch. thanx

  8. um ya... ok so i eat my lunch, and i feel like garbage because of how much i am eating. i feel so full that i could blow chow. is this bad or is this a possibilty of just kuz i am taking my protein shake right before i eat kuz i lift before my lunch? should i cut down my lunch and just eat more throughout the day or wut? thanx for the suggestions

  9. If you're feeling too full after lunch, to the point you're almost sick... then yes, I'd say you're eating too much. Maybe spread that into two meals, about two or three hours apart?

    Like I posted earlier, I find similarly sized meals throughout the whole day works well. A lot of people will eat 30-40g of protein with every meal, and switch up between carbs and fats with the protein.

    Someone else with more experience should probably help you out with exactly what to eat, but I down some whey protein before and after my workouts, along with some carbs.

  10. aight ya that is what i was thinking of doin. maby just stick with the eggs and chicken and one other part like the fiber bar for lunch then have the yogurt and other parts later since i can bring those with me to places.


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