flax seed oil, fish oil and udo's fatty acid oil 3,6,9

  1. flax seed oil, fish oil and udo's fatty acid oil 3,6,9

    i have been reading about these oils and was wondering if i sould add them to my AP, drive and rpm stack
    What kind of benifits do they offer

  2. hmmmmmm i thought some body would have somthing to say since everybody says that they take em

  3. Well it doesn't really matter the supplements you are using (well except if you are taking X-Factor) because these are just all around healthy products that should be implemented into your diet.

    So yes incorporate them into your diet, not your stack per say.

  4. yeah, those are the sorts of things everyone on the planet should be taking at reasonable doses.

  5. They contain the good fats that the body needs and will choose to use over saturated fat. Helps the joints, test production, etc. The list goes on and on.

  6. Udo's is a bit expensive compared to Fish, Olive, Flax, or coconut oil which should offer enough variety to get everything you need. Fish oils in bulk are very cheap on the Nutra site and are very convenient to take 3-4 a day with your meals not necessarily with your stack.

  7. I have read when taking an oil supp pre workout, it aids in fat-loss


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