Retaining muscle with out weight lifting

  1. Retaining muscle with out weight lifting

    Hey everyone, i used to have a problem with tendonitis in my elbows a few years back and have recently been expeirencing the pain again. I was thinking of taking about a month of weightlifting but didnt want to lose much muscle. Given i can still do abs, legs, maybe forearms and definately cardio what else can i do to ensure i dont lose to much muscle. I am currently 6'1 215lbs, but before i started lifting i was 6 1 175 lbs. Thats why im worried i might lose some. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks a bunch

  2. mega dosed BCAAs. I was forced to stop lifting (nothing but cardio on an empty stomach for 5+ months) and kept carbs high and took Anabolic Pump and kept BCAAs mega dosed and when I got back I had lost practically no strength.

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