Down with the Sickness!!

  1. Down with the Sickness!!

    Wondering what others do to fight off sick?
    I take multivitamins, and eat pretty good but I workout at a gym and work with sickies. I never get sick, but I've been hit twice since the new year.
    I'm interested in others preventative measures.
    So lay 'em down....

  2. Gut Health will help, zinc, magnesium, vit c, B12 to keep energy up. I tend to get sick if I'm tired and run down. Trauma has a good sickness thread around here..

  3. Brocolli, I eat at least a pound of the frozen stuff a day.

    Fruits and vegetables can't steer you wrong here, if i feel a cold coming on I usually take a greens drink and it seems to go away. JMO though
    Muscle Pharm Rep

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