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  1. Orange triad is nice. it has an all in one complex. Ive tried many Multi's. For all in one I like Orange Triad and I dont like taking 3 caps in one serving as far as not being glucosamine, chondition, msm, digestion I choose Orange Triad. I did notice gas went down when I started taking this. With that said I take digestive enzymesz seperately in between meals .

    Nows Adam. . totally awesome as a multi

    Ast- strong Multi

    opti men- pretty good

    shaklees multi-good

    basicallly you cant go wrong with any top quality Multi.
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  2. And just so you know you need to really observe the multi you take because it make lack something... For example natures made- Lack Magnesium giving 6% of your mag... which can lead to a def if you don't make it up in other ways...



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