Very Simple Nutrition Q's.

  1. Very Simple Nutrition Q's.

    Hey guys, simple question looking for a simple answer.

    If the staple of proper nutrition is Boneless/Skinless, Brown Rice and Broccoli, am I doing myself a big injustice by eating:

    Whole wheat bread, 99% fat free deli meat, and cold broccoli?

    It's a lot easier to hit the deli up for some meat ( although expensive as hell ) than it is for me to cook up some chicken.

    For those looking for more detail, the nutrition facts on the bread and turkey are:

    BREAD, 2 slices

    80 calories
    .5g F
    19g C ( 5g fiber )
    5g P

    TURKEY, 4oz.
    100 calories
    1g F
    0g C
    22g P



  2. Bread is alright depending on ingredients, deli meats are usually overly processed and have a ton of different filler and preservatives, just man up and cook a lot of chicken and freeze it, you will be better off, or at least eat tuna instead
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. Deli meats are usually high in sodium.

    I would opt for low-carb wraps, I found some in my grocery store that are a decent size and have only like 5g of net carbs.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JDF View Post
    Deli meats are usually high in sodium.
    So are most breads. Whole food starch sources are better in the long run (rice, potato, yams, quinoa, etc).

  5. Thanks for the corrections. I marinated some boneless/skinless and brought in my foreman to cook it on lunch at work.

    I think i'd rather eat a yam than brown rice.

  6. not to mention deli meats are usually packed with nitrates. From what ive heard from multiple nutritionists is that you should stay away from consuming nitrates as much as possible.

  7. It's not that big of a deal, but you're probably going to notice some water retention from all that salt. As long as you're cool with that I don't see a big problem with it.

    Why not just cook like ten chicken breasts at the beginning of the week though? Just chuck 'em in the fridge and grab one when you need one.


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