Measuring Chicken

  1. Measuring Chicken

    For all you calorie counters out there, how do you measure your chicken? Do you dice it into small pieces and measure it with a measuring cup? Do you use a scale? Just trying to determine the best method for going about this as I'm in the process of laying out my first organized (calories counted) diet.


  2. Scale.

  3. I use a scale also.

  4. scale. Never tried dicing it up but it sounds a lot more complicated/less accurate

  5. Okay thanks guys. That's what I figured everyone would say. Where do you recommend picking up a scale from? Also do you measure your chicken after it's cooked?

    Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023 View Post
    scale. Never tried dicing it up but it sounds a lot more complicated/less accurate
    Yea I didn't think the dicing sounded like too sound of an idea. It would be good for a general estimate but no where near as accurate as a scale.

  6. I got my scale at Wal-mart. Made by "Good Cook". It is digital and weighs in grams or Oz.

  7. get yourself a digital scale they're pretty inexpensive these days

  8. Ok thanks again guys. Sorry about all the newbish questions. I'll run up to Walmart this week. Definitely getting a digital. I don't feel like sliding bars and feeling like I'm in chemistry again..haha.

  9. I stole my Moms weight Watchers spring scale

  10. [QUOTE=OCCFan023;1255357]I stole my Moms weight Watchers spring scale [/QUOTE

    i love my scale:chick:

  11. I weigh it before i cook it

  12. I cook in bulk and then weigh out cooked portions. Just get nutritional info for chicken cooked the way you do it.

  13. The key is to be consistant in any way that you do it, this will help you down the road to really tune in your diet.

    It has really helped me and i've been dropping weight every week since i've started counting/measuring out my food


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