Anabolic Diet/Carb Cycling Mix - Does this work?

  1. Anabolic Diet/Carb Cycling Mix - Does this work?

    I'm planning on the following diet:

    Sat: High Carb + 1 Anabolic Diet style cheat meal (anything goes)
    Sun: No Carb < 30 carbs
    Mon: No Carb < 30 carbs
    Tue: Low Carb <100 carbs
    Wed: No Carb < 30 carbs
    Thu: Low Carb < 100 carbs
    Fri: No Carb < 30 carbs

    On No Carb Days, diet consists of:
    Whole Eggs
    Low Carb Protein Shakes
    Salad w/ Balsamic Dressing

    On Low Carb Days, diet consists of:
    Egg Whites
    Chicken Breast
    Turkey Burgers
    FF Cheese
    Whole Wheat Bread
    Brown Rice
    Whole Wheat Pasta
    Protein Shakes

    On High Carb Day, diet consists of:
    Whole Wheat Pasta
    Protein Shakes
    Brown Rice
    Night time cheat meal

    Will this work for a recomp period? I'll be adding in 3-5 days of Cardio doing fasted HIIT. Does this break the rules of AD/Carb Cycling. I'm basically looking for a diet that allows for one day of (basically) anything goes with that free for all eating session at the end of Saturday.


  2. First you would need atleast 3 weeks of normal AD to get adapted probably more like a few months though, then this may work. His later books mention that some people ca go up to 100g a day and still be ok but really you need to get a feel for AD first and then play around with your carbs and see.

    Second, Fasted HIIT is a really not good idea, Fasted LISS is OK or HIIT after eatting Fat+Pro but not fasted HIIT.

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