Poll: how many Oz. of water do you avg?

how much water per day do you drink?

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  1. 202.fl 8oz i usually take in 12 deja blues between 8 and 5pm so about an hour of that time is spent pissing.

  2. A gallon of Crystal Light and a gallon of pure water a day usually, so over 200 oz.

  3. I figure around 120+ per day
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Zero V View Post
    You know I never have to wake up in the night to go, I just go like a race horse in the mornin. Those three minute drains feel so good.
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  5. I work construction in S. Florida plus trying to lose weight so I i drink 1.5 to 2 gallons a day. Sweat most of it out.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by smeton_yea View Post
    You know it feels good. Second best thing to......yeah...

  7. i drink between 2-3 gallons a day .. bulking right now. It sucks cuz i have to go to the bathroom every hour


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