Red Meat.. How much is unneccesary

  1. Red Meat.. How much is unneccesary

    I think we all know that Red meat is a staple in bbing/powerlifting diets.. but how much must be consumed until it is unnecessary. After a certain point wouldnt TUna and fish oil be a better option?

  2. I would always mix it up. For example breakfast a protein source could be eggs , mid morning snack a whey protein shake, lunch red meat, dinner chicken etc... I think its best not to eat red meat every day but it definitely has its place in my diet atleast 3-4x a week. I'm sure you could eat it every day, probably even for every meal if you would really like to. But since beef is pretty expensive per lb. i tend to buy it less than chicked tuna etc.

  3. love rad meat, dont eat as much as i used to.

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