Whey Better Nutrition!!!

  1. Whey Better Nutrition!!!

    I think I have stumbled upon a really effective diet for those looking to put on size but still stay lean, i'll explain first how this came about!

    I am a personal trainer/supplement advisor and supplement supplier. One of my clients asked me if he could use just whey protien as his source of nutrition! I told him no way but he insisted cause he lost his job and had to get a ****ty paying one and he could'nt afford meat and fish as a protien source cause all that stuff costs around 1-3 dollars per 25g servings. Now the protien I sell which is a 50/50 mix of isolate and concentrate costs 25 cents per 25g serving! Now he wanted to just mix the whey with milk and down that every 3 hours which would be 33g including the 8oz milk! Now the milk was whey and caesin so that seemed ok kinda I guess but I advised against this cause I believe you need a variety of protien sources for proper amino acid supply!

    Now he used both oatmeal, apples and peanut butter at each meal with the shake(all cheap stuff). So eating every 3 hours that meant 8 meals for him cause he would wake up at night to down a shake too seeing as how he could'nt afford caesin. I did'nt like this whole thing but immediately he said he loved it!!! He said it was so easy getting the nutrition he needed that he said hes gonna stay with this even if he gets a better job. He claimed he felt better could lift more weight and even was gaining size quick.

    I did'nt believe him so I started monoriting him and guess what he was right, he was gaining mass and strength quick kinda like steroids i'd think but I don't know if its quite that pronuced and maybe he was'nt eating proper before and maybe he was not a hardgainer he just might have had a bad diet?

    Ok anyways now I've developed a better plan than that and here it is...

    Excluding supplements here it is just diet...

    8:00am- Whey-25g / 8oz Milk-8g / 50g Maltrodextrin
    9:00am- 3 Whole eggs -18g / Egg whites-5g 8oz Milk-8g / 1 Cup oatmeal / 1 large apple / 2 Tbsp peanut butter
    11:00am- Pre-workout nutrition- Whey-25g / 8oz Milk-8g / 2 large apples
    12:00pm- Post-workout nutrition- Whey-25g / Caesin-12g / Egg whites-5g / 8oz Milk-8g / 50g Maltrodextrin / 1 Banana
    2:00pm- Tunafish wrap-41g / 8oz Milk-8g / 1 cup oatmeal
    5:00pm- Whey-25g / Egg whites-5g / 8oz Milk-8g / 1 Large apple / 2 Tbsp peanut butter
    8:00pm- Whey-25g / 8oz Milk-8g / 1 cup oatemal
    11:00pm- Whey-25g / Caesin-12g / Egg whites-5g / 8oz Milk-8g / 2Tbsp peanut butter

    Now as you can see alot of Milk is being consumed all of which is 2% except pre and post which is skim!!! Milk has been shown to increase IGF-1 levels along with whey! Now other forms of Protien are consumed so this diet is much better then my clients but who knows maybe his will work better only time will time!!! I am starting a log on my prgress until I get my gear then i'll see what results I got and post them.

    This is really high in protien and calorie dense for sure so you might have to adjust it but for me its good cause I need alot of calories to gain!!!

  2. What does your current diet look like?

  3. Not a very well rounded diet. Where are the veggies?

    My gas would be so terrible if I tried to consume that much protein powder....

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