diet help

  1. diet help

    I just ordered a bottle of epistane. i work 11p to 8a sleep from 9:30 to about 5 so when and what should i eat and when do should i take my milk thisle and epi throughout my day? sorry if i posted in wrong section but i more intersted in my diet question

  2. There is no way you should be doing this product before getting your diet in order and having your workout on the money as well. Just so you know. The following should help you:

    Diet - Time to dial it in, Guidance please = )

    Neoborn's Epistane FAQ - Q and A baby!

    Quote Originally Posted by dinoiii View Post
    To obtain supraphysiologic hormonal changes, the ideal scenario would likely see you dosing the PH/PS/DeS at a time when your normal physiological test is already high. In most cases, this equals the morning. Dependent upon how high a dose you are going with, I know a lot of people that have success with a 3-dose protocol: 4:00am / 10:00am / 4:00pm, with the heaviest concentration in the morning.

    In other will add on to your overall dose by pushing a cap in the 1st dose - first, the second dose second, and third dose third.

    So, lets say someone is following a 30/40/50/60 (completely illustrative and does NOT serve as a "recommendation" by me):

    Your first week's dosing would see:
    4:00am - 1 cap / 10:00am - 1 cap / 4:00pm - 1 cap

    Your second week's dosing would see:
    4:00am - 2 caps / 10:00am - 1 cap / 4:00pm - 1 cap

    Your third week's dosing would see:
    4:00am - 2 caps / 10:00am - 2 caps / 4:00pm - 1 cap

    Your fourth week's dosing would see:
    4:00am - 2 caps / 10:00am - 2 caps / 4:00pm - 2 caps

    Remember that dosing will be highly dependent upon bodyweight so the aforementioned cycle is NOT illustrative of what people SHOULD use as this in some instances is a very high dose, however...this is the general progression that should give an example of how best to attain some (if any) benefit from the product or products like it. Keep in mind that your body's natural test production are highest in the morning and work to exploit this fact. Dosing said products before bed does NOT make a lot of sense in the "supplementation" sense.

    You may want to review the thread on trans-resveratrol in this subforum and/or over at AM for more info on an intricate ingredient in the post-cycle support product you speak of.


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