New Job... Need help

  1. New Job... Need help

    Finally got a new job which i've been looking for over a year..

    Here is the issue;
    I have training for for 6-8 months and can't eat like i'm use to with my desk job...

    My new job requires me to travel 80% of the time, which i love to travel.

    Questions: What can I do to keep my nutrition on point while training. I don't know how many breaks and how long. So, I'm looking for something that is quick and nutritious.

    What is the best ways to keep fit/train, when i start to travel. Sometimes i will be pulling 10 hour days and I've come too far to go back to now.

  2. My schedule is such that I usually have about 5-10 minutes to eat each meal. I make meal replacement shakes by mixing a cup of oatmeal, 2 cups milk, and 2 scoops whey. Protein bars also come in really handy, and if you can't afford them, look up homemade recipes for them. Also, one day a week I make large quanities of whole wheat pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, veggies, and chicken breast. When I have a treat I'll fix up a broiler pans worth of top round steak when I'm bulking. Then if I have enough time I freeze them in individual bags mixing the veggies, a carb source, and a protein source. If I don't have time I will just refrigerate them, and when I need something to eat, I'll separate portions and nuke em'. If I'm out for the day, I'll bring individual baggies with me full of food. It's cheap and effective. Hope this helps man.

  3. thanks, this gives me some ideas

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