Why am I not in Ketosis???

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  1. I Am Finally In Ketosis!!!

    Thanks for everyones help in figuring out exactly what was keeping me from my goal.

    I completely cut out my BCAA ( Xtend ) supplemantion this week and hit ketosis on wednesday afternoon.

    I also cut coffee from my diet, usually 3 a day ( made w/ 1 creamer and 1 splenda ).

    Next week I will try to reintroduce coffee to see if that was the cause or if it indeed was the Xtend which I am making the primary suspect.

    Going to have to rep Arjun for the link he posted which I've inturn reposted numerous times for people ( and I try to give you credit whenever possible ).

    Thanks Arjun and AM.com

  2. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to arjun4 again.

  3. OK, so whats the deal on Xtend, I love the stuff and im going to be starting the AD diet on monday..

    Yay or neh on the extend?

  4. i use xtend and follow a certain CKD. I have been doing a variant of CKD for years.

    What people are failing to realize more often than not is that you need to up the intake of (healthy) dietary fat to stave off the gluconeogenesis due to high protein, low carb diets.

  5. So using extend doesn't add to carbohydrate intake?

  6. I was just starting to question this as well. Would taking Xtend during WOs and some additional glucogenic Aminos PWO (Glutamine, Phenlymine, Luecine) have a negative impact on becoming and staying fat adapted on AD?

    Or even more generally how do free form aminos, like Xtend, impact AD?


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