too much calcium??

  1. too much calcium??

    does too much calcium cause bone spurs??

  2. Dunno about that, but I've had customers claim their excessively high calcium intake over the long term caused kidney stones.

  3. i have heard that also about kidney stones..foods high in fat and nnot enough water a day

  4. It's a complex topic.

    Calcium absorption and excretion is determined by many factors..only one of which is actual Ca intake.

    Sunlight is important in this equation as causes the body to produce vitamin D, Inositol Triphosphate and Osteocalcin..all of which play intricate roles in Ca absorption and utilization. A defect or deficiency in any of these hormones can cause improper absoprtion or deposition into muscle or organs.

    Another key player is Vitamin K which most people typically don't get enough of. It plays a large role in Ca resorption into bone. A deficiency in this vitamin is now being linked to the improper deposition of Ca in the artherosclerotic plaque formation.

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