what the difference??

  1. what the difference??

    I read through the Anabolic Diet but what is the difference between the AD, the CKD, and TKD ( which i've only seen and do not know what it stands for )

    I have been trying to follow the AD but I keep hearing about the CKD and how you should only eat like .9 x BW for PRO or you risk moving out of ketosis.

    I just feel really confused on it and would appreciate it someone cold explain it for me

  2. AD=Anabolic diet, high fat, mod protein, low carb. Goal to stay just north of Ketosis. 8-36hr carb loads

    CKD=Cycalic Ketogenic Diet, high fat, mod protein, low carb. Goal to get to Ketosis. 24-48hr carb loads

    TKD=Targeted Ketogenic Diet, High Fat, mod protein, only carbs around workout (pre&post or just one or the other) and usually kept between 50-100gr. No carb loads but some people do
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