Two carb ups in Anablic Diet?

  1. Two carb ups in Anablic Diet?

    I'm fooling with the idea of adding a second carb up to my diet. Right now, I'm eating about 4000-4500 cal/day with about 30g of carbs. I start to carb up friday night and continue through saturday. I'm toying with the idea of doing a small carb up on weds afternoon (about 300g or so), and a larger carb up on saturday (1000g). I've eaten low carb for a long time, and I've done a strict CKD for a good portion of my life. From what I understand, in the anabolic diet, being in true ketosis is not really important. So, baring that in mind, is there any reason NOT to do this?

  2. Look through here it may answer some questions......

    Bulking on Low-Carb...2days/week re-feeds
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

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