Anabolic Diet question

  1. Anabolic Diet question

    I have been reading about the ad after hearing about it on the boards and everyone is raving about it. I dont know which book to buy, powerlifters or bodybuilders. Seem like it would be an easy answer, which do i want to be? The problem is neither. With my chosen occupation i need to be strong, but i personally want to stay as lean as possible i.e. single digits. Those of you who have the books, are there major differences between the two diets? Does it make a diff which i get?

    I tried finding the answer to this on the website for the books but couldnt find an answer, and seeing how barnes and noble in my town doesnt have either in stock I need some help please.

  2. no one knows the differences between the two versions of the diet? thats really what i am looking for cuz i cant find them in a bookstore and the info isnt online other then very very basic info. I'm not wanting anyone to divulge the full diet for me just basics

  3. If you want to be leaner get The Anabolic Soulution For Bodybuilders.

    [ame= =1203185586&sr=8-1] Anabolic Solution for Bodybuilders: Books: Dr. Mauro G Di Pasquale[/ame]

  4. strength wont be sacrificed to much though?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by KSMA View Post
    strength wont be sacrificed to much though?
    You have to sacrifice some strength yes, but it is like that with any diet. This one though I believe you don't sacrifice as much as other while still staying lean like you wanted.



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