My joints sound like Rice Krispies

  1. My joints sound like Rice Krispies

    I'm only 24, but a few of the joints in my body will 'crack' like a knuckle. My knees and elbows are the ones that I'm really worried about. My knees are able to be 'cracked' about once every 2 to 3 minutes if I extend them, and they can be quite uncomfortable if I do not extend them to the point that they 'crack'. My elbows are similar, but not as frequently 'cracked'. My Jaw is similar in that moving it from left to right will pop it.

    I'm wondering if this could be a systemic deficiency of some kind, or just bad genes, or something else entirely?

    Any experience with this from anyone else?

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    do you take anything now? If not, get you some glucosomine and fish oil

  3. I've been on Glucosamine and Chondroitin for joints for a few months, I'm not sure if it's helping or not to be honest. I'm taking Sesamin Oil, should I also be taking Fish Oil?
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    sesamin oil is an anti inflammatory, which should be enough. I've never taken ses oil, as fish oil has always worked great for my joints.

  5. I'm seeing a general practice doctor soon, maybe he can refer me to a sports medicine doc that can give me some insight - thanks though!

  6. my knees used to pop like crazy and ache constantly. fish oils helped a little as did glucosamine. I finally broke down and bought two knee braces at walmart because it was almost to much to walk. Seems as though the few miles running a day and lifting heavy on legs was wearing out the joints faster then they could be maintained.

    What kind of lifting do you do?/what kind of cardio? I ended up dropping squats completely for a year and starting doing machine lifts for aout 6 months on legs. After they got some recouperation time they stopped and I havent had problems. I still wear the braces when I do squats now, and occasionally after long long runs.

  7. Ever thought about cissus?

  8. My body can pop all over the place if I let it. The problem is that as soon as people start popping their spine/knees/whatever, they get used to it. Therefore, it feels stiff if the joint isn't popped to relieve the synovial fluid pressure. The trick is to ignore the discomfort and do not pop it, if indeed your desire is to stop the need and propensity for it to pop. For a day or two the joint of interest will feel stiff and uncomfortable, but once your supporting cartilage adjusts to the new pressure, you will not need to pop it any more and it will feel normal without popping. This is the case especially for the vertebrae, which some people are OCD about incessantly popping. I assume your problem lies more during exercise, in which case I'd recommend the oils and cissus. For the triceps, try less extension to avoid popping the tendon and use lower weight to adjust your joints to the exercise. For the knees do the same, with proper quad stretching before and after exercise. But cissus is awesome for the joints whatever the problem is.

  9. If you're not talking about the normal "cracking your knuckles" sort of popping, then you may wanna get your iron levels checked as excess iron can get deposited in many areas of the body and can cause a cracking noise in the joints. If iron levels get out of hand it can lead to serious discomfort and organ failure. I'm not trying to get you worried but thought I'd mention this just in the off chance that that is what's causing it.
    There's a disease called hemochromatosis where too much iron builds up in your body. It's actually one of the most common genetic diseases in the United States.
    If you have hemochromatosis, your body absorbs more iron than it needs. Males have no natural way to get rid of the extra iron. The iron gets stored in body tissues, especially the liver and heart.
    The most common treatment is donating blood or phlebotomy. Just a thought as there are just too many cases of people having ailments and they never really find out the root cause of the problem and as such have to live (or die in certain cases) with it.
    Again, I don't mean to be morbid or give you reason for worry, but it's something you may wanna get looked at. It's certainly treatable and shouldn't cause you any problems later in life as long as you donate blood every so often if that's what's causing your joints to constantly pop.

  10. Great advice all around -- I'm FINALLY seeing a doc after I want to say 8 years of being uninsured and broke.

    I plan on getting a fair amount of blood work done, and going over a lot of issues I'm having to find out the underlying causes. I will definitely bring up the possibility of an iron problem.

  11. Good deal man. Being uninsured is no joke. Let us know what you find out concerning your joints. Best of luck!

  12. Cissus and Hyaluronic acid work really well...


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