Protein before training?

  1. Protein before training?

    Hey guys I have a dilemma here please help me out.

    Currently I wake up at 3:00AM take morning shake (oats + whey+banana) go back to sleep wake up at 5:00AM and take my drive RPM, NO supps, or stims etc. (they all say empty stomach that's why I came up with this method)

    My BF has been bouncing up and down so I decided to lower cals. So here is the dilemma:

    My trainer says instead of waking at 3:00 to take shake wake up at 4:00 take supps go back to sleep wake at 5:00 and take my shake go to the gym.

    The nutritionist (does that word even exist?) which works at my office says take them all together but forget about protein PreWO since it will only be used as fuel just take it PWO.

    Is PreWO protein a waste? and if it is not which of the 2 methods above would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance

  2. yes definitely do the protein an at least 60 min before workout. The nutritionist is a renob! your going to be totally catablic throuout the whole workout, talk about muscle wasting. If you want to lean up skip the oats and the banana. You may not have as much energy but this will cause your body to dip into fat storage for fuel as oposed to using glycogen.. your trainers method could work but after taking a full dose of rpm i dont think i could go back to sleeep. Id stick with the way your doin it and drop the carbs to lean up.

  3. I reccomend picking up some Bcaa's extend is a great brand and just take like 6-8 scoops pre workout to stop catabolism

  4. how is it possible to take all your supps at 4am including stimulants and manage to get back to sleep until 5?

    I would probably do a quick shake 1 hour before a workout instead of waiting 2. So wake up at 4am, get the shake down, 30min later get in your supps (don't go back to sleep) then lift at 5.

  5. i would try what asianbabe suggested.....I took rpm for a couple of workouts and would take it about a half hour after I ate and felt all the benefits

  6. I agree - I think you're body is much better off sleeping all the way through the night. That alone will arguably bring you better results than any of the supplements your taking.

    What was recommended before, dosing and such, is definitly a good idea to try out. Another way would be the opposite, which worked for me. Supplementing, eating 10-15 minutes later, and then heading out in less than an hour after that.

    When I was using RPM, often I down then right upon returning from my classes. Then I'd start cooking up a meal, and I was eating within 15 minutes of that. Now I'm not so sure on the biological side of absorbtion, but I wouldn't think that it would take more than 10 minutes for a supplement to taken in by the body. It may take 30-60 minutes to feel the effects, but I would think it would be in the body in just minutes (the only exception I can possibly think of would be a time release formula).

  7. I would probably do a quick shake 1 hour before a workout instead of waiting 2. So wake up at 4am, get the shake down, 30min later get in your supps (don't go back to sleep) then lift at 5.
    Sounds like a plan, I'll use BCAA's to get it absorbed faster and then get my supps 30 min after.

    Would it work the other way around? take the supps and then 30-45 mins later take the shake? (would make it easier to get outta bed if I take my stims) would it interfere with absorption of NO products and the like?

    Thanks guys pretty useful ideas here!


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