protein absorption

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    I like protein, it builds stuff.
    And it tastes yummy with salt and pepper.
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    And it tastes yummy with salt and pepper.
    Oh yeah, tough guy said "yummy"!!

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    Oh yeah, tough guy said "yummy"!!
    That's how I roll...
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    Again, you can gain muscle at 2 g/lb of body weight. Science has shown it is absolutely unnecessary to take in this much. The same results can be found at 1.2-2.0 g/kg of body weight. If you have success with they way you've formulated your diet, more power to you.

    I'm just amazed at the intensity with which some of you guys defend your idols opinions which are often based on little more than "we ate this much protein and got this big" type evidence. I'm sorry, but I'll take research backed, peer reivewed information every time over the opinion of a "guru".

    I'd be interested to hear Bobo's take on this....

    Umm, again, go ahead and talk to the top strength coaches about this. They don't just say " we ate this much and got this big." That's called straw man debate tactics. That's childish.

    They have far more experience actually working with people than you could ever hope to have, and people like Charles Poliquin collect so much data from so many actual trained athletes that he has his own experimental data to go from. More than you can say about your "studies".

    I love it when there are real world results out there and some ****ing jackas$ comes along and says it's not possible because of some crap he read in a book or some study he read in a class, or what his idiot professor said. Brilliant.

    I'm not disagreeing with you. Disagreeing implies a difference of opinion. I'm saying you're flat out wrong.

    What are your credentials? How many people have you trained? How many olympic and professional athletes have you trained? What kind of results did they get?

    I'll wait on ought to be good.
  5. Never enough
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    Poliquin is such an interesting dude. He does weekly blood tests on his athletes, and micromanages (in a good way) the results for a specific precise blood profile.
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