Best diet for cut?

  1. Best diet for cut?

    what diet do you beleive is best for cut?

    a all aroud low carb diet but 2 days carb up.

    or a high carbs in the morning and low carb at end of day diet?

  2. depends on your body...ur young so you can probably handle more carbs than an older individual. just try one cut diet this time and depending on your results you can determine how to go about it next go around. just try and pay attention to your body and learn what it handles best..

  3. ok for about 2 day now i have been trying the cdk diet, so i am thinking of sticking with it and seeing how it goes. << that is the guidelines i am following.

  4. yea many people tend to like that diet...i used something alot like it last spring during my cut so good luck man

  5. ok thanks man.



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