Going Shopping? What to Get.

  1. Going Shopping? What to Get.

    Well, I'm planning a very big grocery shopping day for when I get back into the gym. I need to make sure that I don't forget anything, which I sometimes tend to do. I'm gonna try to eat as healthy as possible.

    • Oats
      Almonds, cashews and other nuts
      Skim milk
      Promise vegetable oil spread
      Olive oil
      Egg whites
      Silk brand soy milk
      Whole wheat bread
      Whole oat bread
      Frozen / fresh products (Nothing canned, due to preservatives, additives, and processing methods)
      Lean turkey
      Lean ground beef
      Salmon fillets
      Tuna fish (Canned in oil, instead of water)
      Natty PB

    I feel like something's missing... Any suggestions or substitutions?

    I will be running a combination of Sdrol and Hdrol for 4 weeks, followed by 4 weeks of PCT. After PCT is complete, I will be running a stack of thermo's for about 4-6 weeks.

  2. Looks great, how bout some chicken or some fruits+veggies or is that what you ment by fresh prods.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by WeakPoint View Post
    Looks great, how bout some chicken or some fruits+veggies or is that what you ment by fresh prods.
    Yes, chicken! Probably bulk 8 oz. chicken breasts from Sam's Club.

    I will be getting vegetables and fruits, both fresh and frozen. Nothing canned.

  4. Awesome, I'm gonna write some of this stuff down so next time I go to costco I can grab it up. I love getting just plain old chicken breasts and spicing them up differently everytime.

  5. How about some wholewheat pasta and rice?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tobinho View Post
    How about some wholewheat pasta and rice?
    I've been wanting to get whole wheat pasta for quite some time now, but remember what I said about myself occasionally forgetting things.


  7. Fat Free Cottage Cheese
    Fat Free Cheese
    Fresh Mushrooms
    Green Peppers
    Sugar-free Jelly

    Are things i always get.

  8. i usually pick up some starbucks doubleshot espresso cans 4-pack for caffeine before i workout....and some 32 oz gatorades for post workout....def. some whole grain tortilla chips and salsa if u like it, avocado for guacamole too...and at the krogers i go to i get two shrimp platters

  9. Some fruit, veggies, potatoes, brown rice.

  10. not sure what you like on your oatmeal, but I always pick up sugar free syrup....makes oatmeal alittle more bearable


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