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    i have to give a 5-7 minute speech to inform for my Public Speaking class. Can someone help me out by throwing in a topic or ideas i should talk about. I was thinking about covering nutrution by explaining how important veggies and fruits are and keeping your diet low carb. Also talking about exercise i would explain how important cardio is and what your body is going through when your exercising. Any input or references would be nice. Thanks
    You don't have to keep your diet "low carb" to be healthy. Low GI carbs should be the goal.

    You could talk about exercise first (2-3 minutes) then talk about diet for the remaining time (explaining how it is even more important than exercise while covering the basics of nutrition).

  3. Damn kid if thats all you got then you're screwed lol.
    But seriously fruits & veggies are important foods to stress. Explain that fruits & veggies provide many nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Maybe explain why those four are important and then give examples of certain fruits and veggies which are good for us. That should give you a few minutes worth.

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