immitation crab meat

  1. immitation crab meat

    i love crab and i saw some of this being sold at costco, lookat at the label, not bad as far as fat/carbs/protein... just wondering if its good (clean) enough to eat?

  2. Well it depends what you define as clean (low fat, low sugar etc) and the actual brand itself. Personally I don't eat it because the brands that they carry near me have equal parts carbs to protein, there's that much sugar added to it. The taste isn't bad but when I'm trying to eat meat, i don't expect half of it to be carbs! That being said, it tastes decent and I've used it when cooking for others i.e. in casseroles and salads etc.

  3. I'd prefer real crab meat obviously, but the imitation crab meat isn't bad. It's just not as healthy and does have some unnecessary ingredients added.

  4. i love crab too... just saw it today and thought it might be convenient to eat. i looked it up online... i think ill pass and stick with better seafood and meats
    Serv Size 1/2 cup (85g)
    Servings: Varies
    Calories 70
    Total Fat 0g
    Total Carb. 10g
    Dietary Fiber 1g
    Sugars 3g
    Cholest. 5mg
    Protein 7g
    Sodium 460mg

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