Diet change when on Test Cycle?

  1. Diet change when on Test Cycle?

    Hey all...

    I am familiar with dieting to either lose or gain weight... But my question is just how much more cals should i be trying to consume when on a test cycle?

    I tend to go a little lighter on the carbs, to keep fat retention down. I've noticed that that tends to be the key factor for me in regards to gaining fat...

    When off cycle i usually consume around 2600 cals a day or so... (maybe a little less). When on a prohormone cycle, i tend to bumpp up to around 3100 cals. Based on that, do you think i should be bumping up to around 4000 cals a day when on my Test Enanthate cycle?

    I appreciate your feedback!!!

    Age: 23
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 172
    B/F: 11-13%
    Training: (since i was in 9th grade), but seriously for about 2 years
    Daily Activites: Desk job (i.e. lower calorie consumption based on my job...)

    Goals: Gain about 15-20 lbs (hopefully about 13-15 lbs of LBM) from the cycle. I would like to maintain my waist at 31inches and keep myself from gaining fat around the midsection... (i.e. keep my abs...)

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