overall diet help?

  1. overall diet help?

    1st of all i would just like to say hi! been lookin around hear for a few days now and im amazed by the knowledge and friendlyness!

    anyway iv been training at the gym 4 days a week for over a year now(mostly weights, + some cardio) and would like to start being more serious about it, im quite lucky as i seem to get bigger/stronger quicker than most around me!

    At the moment i need to concentrate on my diet i think, but i dont realy know what i need to eat? sounds silly i know!i eat fairly healthy for a "normal"person.i know i need to eat alot of calaries but i dont want to get fat as iv worked hard over the past year to lose fat! ovbi i need to eat correctly, wit out goin to hardcore.

    im 21, weigh 210lb, 5'10 and about 17%bf (although told my gym doesnt use the best bf monitor)

    i eat at my break times at work, 10:30,,,1:30 and 3:30, and go gym about 5!

    sorry about the long post,couldnt find a newbie section?? any input will be really appreciated!


  2. Look in the recipes section. There are alot of recipes in there that are helpfull in what your looking for. All I can say is prepare your meals for a couple days, it helps. Boneless skinless chicken breast(grilled) 6 oz brown rice 3 egg white and a little asian sesoning and there you go. they are fast and easy as hell to make. Sweet potatoes are good too. I biol them and smash them. A 1/2 cup with a little splenda and cinnamon and bam there you go. be creative with your meals. roughage is quick and easy with a chicken breast. So theres a start.

  3. thanks for your reply, love the sound of the chicken meal, would you have that for lunch? dinner?

  4. man i eat that alot. it is quick and easy. i aslo throw tuna in place of the chicken to change it up a bit. egg white chicken, tuna, brown rice. get yourself some asian seasoning and be creative. they make steamed veggies in a bag now as well there in the frozen section. 6 min in the microwave and bam there you go steamed veggies

  5. cool, at the moment i eat wraps instead of bread, with chicken, tuna,egg(also the yolk though), ham, so maybe a case of swapping that for some brown rice and pasta? now havin a gander in the recipe section, some gd stuff in there!



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