Extended CKD Diet period harmful??

  1. Exclamation Extended CKD Diet period harmful??

    Hello Guys,

    I needed your advice please.. I been on a cyclical keto type diet since last July.. I took a hiatus off the diet in November and back on track... I went back to maintenance level calories for a while..

    So generally, I consume mostly protein and fats during the week with a controlled carb period during the weekend.. I do have some carbs post workout which I think is extremely important especially with doing HIIT as often as I do.. I do boxing cardio during a lunch time period too

    Im training intensely, doint HIIT cardio as well and my strength is only reduced by 20%, still maintaining poundages on all compound exercises, and I swear to God Im gaining muscle too. I am down to about 10% b.f. and I will like to continue on this coure for another few months till I get down to single digit body fat... Im not competing just yet.. its for my own sake I am getting this cut up to see what I got to show.. I already got great delt separation but am continuing till my abs need cleaning with a q-tip. lol ( I was up to 225 lbs in 2007March and a bit pudgy, hence the time to diet down...

    I got tonnes of energy.. I feel my body responds best to this than the low carb which really does a number on me.. I could never do low carb without cravings and the low energy feeling.

    But I been warned that I am setting myself for very dangerous levels of keto in my body and Im poisoning my system?

    Anyone did this cyclical keot for extended periods?

    I do take breaks from my dieting protocol but I figure I need to keep on course and I dont see this as being harmful or negative. I know any dieyt down too long is bad but I keep my body guessing.. Sometimes, I may even take a mid week carb spike!

    I consume a gallon of water a day and I wont even say its a VERY STRICT keto since I do have a bit mroe carbs post workout. If I dont ever consume those carbs, I flatten out like a pancake...

    I am keeping track and listening to my bod...

    Any advice and reassurance will be most appreciated!

    Current Stats - Natural bodybuilder, 27yo. 6ft, 205 lbs, 48c, 17,5 arms, 27.5 q, 30 waist.
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