Optimise Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

  1. Optimise Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

    Looking for some advice as to lowering my bp and improving my chol. I do take 10mg of Lisinopril for high bp. I am looking to get off Lisinopril safely and want to get some advice to anything that works.

    BP Ave. 146/83 with heart rate 100


    LDL - 138
    HDL - 49
    CHOL. TOTAL - 211

    CHD RISK (Dont know what this is) 4.30 (4.4 or lower is best)

    Tri. - 120

    So basically I am looking to make myself healthier. My diet is clean, LOTS OF RAW VEGI'S, 3 PCS FRUIT/DAY), workout 4 days a week (dont really do cardio but starting, I know this is hugh).

    fish oil 2g (thinking of quiting, no niticable change or feeling)

  2. You can up the fish oil to 10-12g per day and try celery seed extract. That did wonders for my BP when I was taking some "stuff". It's also good for cholesterol.

    I don't have natural high BP but within a few days of taking this while "on" it went away completely. Might be worth a try.

    I don't know if it would interact with your Lisinopril so check with your doctor or ask the pharmacist.

    You should also try and cut out caffein because that is a vasoconstrictor which makes your BP higher.

  3. 3 grams or more of calcium per day..preferably coral calcium or cal citrate.

    Add psyllium or ground oats to your protein shakes.

    Niacin..learn to love the flush.

  4. I took 2 seporate reading last night and they both were pretty good.

    134/78 hr of 88

    123/73 hr of 83

    Those are good numbers but that is with taking lisinopril and taken with a home bp machine which I take into consideration +/- 5%-10%. I think the machine is more accurate than 10% but I use the high side as a gauge.

    For years my bp was 140/95-100 on ave. with lisinopril so not exactly why it is lower now since most everything is the same in my life.

    What I want to do is get off lisinopril for a while to see where my levels go. Thats where supplementation comes in.

    I take 1000mg Now brand fish oil (not sure the % of oils) at 2g/day. Maybe I'll up it then switch to liquid when pills are gone. How much Niacin and what brand do you recommend?

  5. Brand is not too important with niacin IMO. Just get the straight niacin..not the no flush stuff. I take 500 mg 2x per day. Take with food to blunt the flushing/burn.

  6. Corndog,

    I donít know about you, but my cholesterol is very sensitive to diet and exercise. Iíve had it as high as 320 and as low as 160 w/o meds. Your resting HR of 80-100 suggests a need for cardio. I see youíve started, just keep it up (along with the other sups mentioned.) Youíre cholesterol isnít that high, so I think there is a good chance diet and cardio will do the trick for you.

    Those electric bp monitors donít work well for me, the typically run about 15-20% higher than the bulb one in the doctorís office.

  7. DBinMD

    My chol. hasnt ever been off by much. Like to lower my LDL under 100 and raise HDL to 55+. Not sure really how to do this but I recently added more vegi's, fruit and fiber so we will see.

    I guess I never placed much on that cardio plays a role with chol. I did know what HR really meant as far as the numbers and what they mean and where they come from. You mentioned that my levels make you think I need to add more cardio. How do you get that. Its true just woundering.

    Did resting BP last night.
    134/83 HR 88. Checked it a few hours later.
    123/88 HR 78

    I have been on lisinopril for a few years and want to get off it. Its not causing any side effects that I know of. I just dont like taking so many meds and if I can get off any of them safely that is my goal.

    Any info on the supplement Life Support? Looking for foods/supplements for general good health. I take 2g fish oil but it has been suggested to me to increase it to 5-6g/day. I'm reading/researching on that and its 50/50 as far as people opinions.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time and the info. Love to pick peoples brain and their opinions.

  8. Corn dog,

    I didnít mean you need more cardio, just that youíre on the right track by starting. You didnít mention how much youíre doing. Personally, in terms of cholesterol and HR, I only need about 2 30 min sessions each week. Lifting by itself does jack for this, but maybe the combination works.

    I find cardio indispensable. I donít particularly enjoy it, but from experience I know I have to.

    Iíve never done Life Support, but Iím thinking about trying it. I tried hawthorne berry, celery seed, and coq10 before w/o success, but Iím thinking of trying again. My doc recently put me on Norvasc, but I wouldnít mind getting off it, except itís cheaper than LS.

    Up the omega 3ís. Iím not sure what the optimal amount is. I suspect more than 2, I take ~6. Itís good for your joints, too. I think you can find it in pub med.

    BP commonly drops at night, esp after exercise, mine does



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