Anabolic diet/keto a good diet for me?

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  1. Do you guys carb load immediately after fridays workout, or do you wait until saturday?

  2. You can carb load anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the person. For me while bulking 36 hours is perfect. And 36 hours is PLENTY of time for most people. Typically I'll start on Saturday morning and end on Sunday evening. I've done 48 hours before but it was too much for me considering I eat a good amount of carbs whenever I load.

  3. It seems logical that the more bodyfat you have the shorter the refeed.

    So maybe something like:

    >20% 8 hours
    15-20% 12 hours
    12-15% 24 hours
    8-12% 24-26 hours

    It's not set in stone, but the common theme seems to be shorter refeeds for higher BF.

    I've also switched to 90% clean sources, like oatmeal, blueberries (limited to 1 cup), brown rice, whole grain pasta, ezikiel breads, etc.

  4. Good post CryingEmo. I agree that if you're trying to lose bodyfat then the 36 hour carb up is certainly not optimal. When cutting I stick to carbing up either one day a week (say half-day to all day saturday) or a split like Wed/Sat where the last 1-2 meals of the night are high carb meals.

  5. IMO the leaner you are the more you need the more drastic carb ups to maintain leptin levels. Fatties don't need that since they already have high leptin levels.

    I think it's a good idea to match carb sources to your current bodyfat. If you're fat, I'd use lower GI sources like oats, sprouted breads, yams, etc. If you're very lean, white rice, mashed white potatoes, and things like that would be good.

  6. The reason I asked is because I believe in bodyopus he has you carb refeeding immediately after the friday workout. He even does some odd "glycogen depletion" workout on friday, with high reps low weight. I kind of prefer the saturday to sunday refeed with the idea it builds glycogen reserves for the weeks workouts, but bodyopus had some interesting thoughts on the matter (glycogen supersaturation?).

    This is where I read about that:
    Quote Originally Posted by B5150 View Post
    Lyle McDonald BodyOpus Pages

    Lyle McDonald did a week by week (even blow by blow) report of a twenty week BodyOpus experience.
    He originally posted them on They are here

    He also summarized them in a FAQ

    And he has written a technical paper about Cyclical Ketogenic Diets Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Lyle's bodyfat measurement instructions

    I started my refeed saturday night, and finished sunday night. I'm slightly fat, probably 14-17% BF as a guess. I have plenty of pictures in logs floating around.

    Todays energy levels at the gym were through the roof, and I crushed some PRs. I hope this is a trend!

  7. There's far more to carb refeeds than glycogen storage. It's part of a whole anabolic cascade of hormones and boosting of metabolism.

    Has anyone ever noticed on a cut, you cheat eating all kinds of **** for a day, then within a week you've dropped quite a bit of fat? I'm honestly not up on all the exact hormonal cascades, but I know insulin, growth hormone (yes at the same time as insulin in this case), leptin, protein synthesis, glycogen supercompensation, intramuscular triglycerides, etc. I think it's a mistake to base it all around glycogen storage. I personally find carb loads to be more productive on off days from the gym.

  8. My math may be messed up here, but when you guys are saying 36 hour carb loads (like in Botch's example) and it goes from say 9 a.m. Saturday and then to 9 p.m. Sunday isn't that 24 hours? So that is a two day carb-up or are you basically going by days and a 24 hour carb-up would just be Saturday? Forgive me if that is a stupid question as I'm still fairly new at this.

  9. 9am sat-9am sunday is 24gr add 12hrs to that and go til 9pm sunday then you get 36, like Botch was talking about
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  10. Ah, my math did stink. I just worked that out in my head also. One more question for anyone. Do you shoot for a certain amount of carbs on weekends? I have been going over by 250 calories from my week day cals and switching ratios around like stated in the book.


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