Ok to eat steel cut oats raw??

  1. Question Ok to eat steel cut oats raw??

    I eat rolled oats straight out of the can with a little milk....would this be ok to do with steel cut oats, or do they have to be cooked?

  2. They should be cooked. Eating them raw would likely be rough on digestion. Rolled oats are cut very thin so it makes it easier to digest raw.

  3. I would also have to advise against eating them raw; not only will it be hard on your digestion since they are completely unprocessed and only roughly cut, but it has a sharper texture than flakes which have been already processed and so you might feel them going down.

    I often can get by without grinding my oats in my shake if I run out of time, but I wouldn't dare throw steelcut oats even if I was in a pinch; it would be like trying to drink water with little pebbles.

    That being said, it's not going to kill you so I guess it depends on your reasoning for eating it raw. Cooked is 100x better, as I can attest to every morning for the last couple of years

  4. thanks for the input, I'll try them cooked....How long do you cook steel cut oats?

  5. I dunno man, until they're soft and delicious

  6. I prefer quaker oats myself, especially raw. I tried these out raw in a blender and they were still hard to even blend.

    I'd stick to oats unless they were cooked.

  7. I just throw 1/4-1/2 cup in a coffee grinder and it turns them to powder. Throw that in my protein shake and I'm good to go. They really don't taste bad, they do sink a little bit, so you've got to swish around the last few swallows.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bull8t View Post
    thanks for the input, I'll try them cooked....How long do you cook steel cut oats?
    If you do it by stovetop, about 20-25minutes of simmering will get them done. The way I do them is I bring the water to a boil, simmer for a few mins then cover overnight. In the morning I just reheat them and they're done. It's the easiest way to get my cooked oats when I have class every day at 8:30. You can also microwave them; just put them in a large bowl and nuke for about 5 minutes, let it stand for a few minutes and repeat until they're soft (about 3-4 cycles usually). The stovetop method is superior from years of experience though.

  9. I think I read something about them not being able to be fully digested when eaten raw as well. Not absorbing the nutrients, it would be almost pointless to eat them in the first place. Couldnt find the article though...

  10. 2 minutes in the microwave


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