Nutri System???

  1. Nutri System???

    I have been thinking about running the nutriSystem for a few months before the nice weather starts and Im looking to gain some muscle but also drop some BF% so the muscle shows...right now i am 5'10 and 185 and With the nutri system I think it was around 115 or 120 grams a day of protein and figure id get the rest from protein shakes or small snacks inbetween. I am only looking into the nutri system because people cut BF and weight using it so i heard and was looking to get down to around 5-7% while maintaining my 185 weight...possible?

    My Diet- The nutrisystem everyday for 3 months including MegamanSport multivitamin, Incarnate before and after workout...maybe some TracExtreme NO2 or NO explode for preworkout...2-3 protein shakes throughout the day along with 20-25gs of BCAAs in a gallon of water i drink throughout the day. Thats it...CLEAN i think and should help me get down to my 5-7% BF while maintaining my weight with cardio 3 days a week to help shed some of that BF.

    Any thoughts? input be appreciated...thank u

  2. Cool

    So you want to lose fat while gaining significant amounts of muscle?

    You are a supplement marketers dream, friend. Just go to "Brand" and select Muscle-Tech in the drop down box!

  3. IMO researching a proper diet on here and learning how to manipulate you macros will be far more valuable to you then simply paying someone to send food to you. Plus you will save a ton of money. There are so many routes to go from the 40/40/20, carb cycling, a variation of the ketogenic diet. I would also recommend checking this web site out ( They have free ebooks that explain different methods of dieting. And not only do they tell you WHAT to do, they tell you WHY, which makes it easier to understand. I am currently doing the Cut diet and I have have unbelievable results so far, and i've leared whats worked best for my body versus having some food delivered to my house.

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