Distilled vs. Normal Water

  1. Distilled vs. Normal Water

    Is there a benefit of drinking one over the other?

  2. Where's distilled water when you need him?

  3. lol ya i saw his name that is what made me think about it.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CryingEmo View Post
    Where's distilled water when you need him?
    Im right here bud

    Define normal water????
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  5. IMO there is no real benifit. Science argues greatly between the 2 a good bit. Fact of the matter I think distilled water is great for pre contest prep's crisp clean water, nothing in it to scew results.

    Some argue that it picks up CO2 during steaming process thus causeing you to lean slightly into an acidic state. Also because there are no trave minerlas or vitamins one can have deficiencies but if you couting on water to get your vits and minerals then your in trouble.

    I'd say you should drink a glass and day lol.
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  6. Normal Water meaning non-distilled, like for example we sometime buy a gallon of water and there is the option of distilled water and i have thought about getting it but i don't know what the difference is.

  7. allright sounds good thanks for the help

  8. Distillation is the process in which water is boiled, evaporated and the vapour condensed. Distilled water is free of dissolved minerals and, because of this, has the special property of being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them.

    Spring water is really just tap water ran thru a charcole(sp?) filter if im not mistaken.
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  9. Thanks for the info!
    I Think i may get some a drink a glass a day or somthing.

  10. Distilled water is most likely your healthiest and most beneficial choice. Spring water is usually just tap poured into plastic bottles. However, being cased within a plastic container is always bad for any kind of water, especially after prolonged containment. All I know is that it has to do with the chemicals in the plastic. I know nothing more than this. Somebody could do a little research, perhaps? If you're picky about wanting minerals and vitamins, then you can always get a vitamin water of some sort. There are several brands out there. But, there are also tablets that you can add to water yourself, to destroy any harmful bacteria or chemicals. Tap water is disgusting. I hate it. I can tell a big difference between drinking bottled water, filtered water (on tap), and plain ol' tap water. I can't stand it. I usually go with spring and distilled. Distilled, even though it's your best option, is still bottled in plastic containers. I'm hoping somebody will chime in on the question risen.
  11. Distilled Water

    Newbie here. Former pro wrestler.
    I've followed much of Dr. Michael Colgan's health advice for many years, and I've been drinking distilled water since the '90's. Google him and decide for yourself.
    Conversely, I also read much from Dr. Mercola's website. He's very much against distilled water.
    It's had no ill effects upon me, other than since I started drinking distilled water I did commit pre-meditated first-degree matrimony (first time offender) in 1997!
    Hope this helps!


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