Feeling Sluggish and Unhealthy......

  1. Feeling Sluggish and Unhealthy......

    I have a friend who is going to be leaving for Iraq pretty soon and he was home on leave for Christmas. Since he has been home I have pretty much fell off on my diet and I have been drinking way too much beer(via beer bong).

    So right now as I type this I feel all sluggish and just generally not healthy. I feel like I should just go run until I sweat and/or puke out all the alcohol haha.

    What do you guys normally do to get yourself back on track after a fall off? And how do you deal with the sluggish and unhealthy feeling?

    I know the obvious answer would be not to drink for a while and get back on track with my diet and training, but what about for the time being...?
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  2. What do you mean for the time being? Just f ' in do it! Most of us cheat more than we like around the holidays, just get back on the horse and ride brother!

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    drink lots of water to help flush all of that out of your system, get adequate sleep, and if your not doing this already, take a multi vitamin. Hit the gym, rinse and repeat. You'll be back in no time.

  4. Thanks for the replies guys I really appreciate it.
    Armed to the teeth.

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