pros and cons of a high protien low carb diet yearound

  1. pros and cons of a high protien low carb diet yearound

    whats the pros and cons of a high protien, veggies and fruits with low carbs yearound??

  2. High protein diets can get pretty expensive.

    My body tends to favor differant types of eating every 3-4 months so it works out pretty good for different seasons.

    Too long on any particular eating style tends to make me put on fat for some reason no matter how good it works in the beginning. Have no idea why!!!!

    I love doing a keto type diet in the winter eating lots of steak and eggs but during the summer i love eating a variety of fruits and cold meat with salads.


  3. ok thanks bro

  4. just keep in mind, veggies and especially fruits are not carb-free, so if you do start on a low carb high protein diet, you may notice a couple energy swings if you consume a lot of fruit or not... depends on how insulin sensitive you are.

    energy may be an issue at the beginning of the diet, as it was for me. We get used to loading up on the carbs, but you will break through it and start feeling better.

    I love the low carb diets. People who do very taxing things on their bodies (bodybuilders, athletes, labor force) should need carbs, but the average person should not, for instance, slam a candy bar and a bag of chips right before going hungover to their 11 AM class and sit for two hours.

    Insulin is the boss hormone, control him and your body will thank you in the long run... but don't cut out carbs completely, keep up those fruits and veggies

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