Best diet for optimal health and sexual function

  1. Best diet for optimal health and sexual function

    Is there a prefered or recommended diet for overal good health and to improve sex drive and function.

  2. lots of healthy fats ;-)

  3. Pretty supprised that there was no real response to this post. I'm trrying to increase my libido/desire to what I would consider normal for me. I used to get bones all the time for no reason Now I hardly get them at all and waslooking for nutritional info for optimizing this.

  4. Celery, Raw Oysters, Bananas, Avocado, Almonds (nuts in general), berries, eggs, figs, garlic, chocolate. All have a variety of improvement effects on libido.

    Here is a good link that explains why these foods help libido:
    Here is a secondary link that supports the findings in the first as well:

    Hope this helps you out boss, and good luck.

  5. Foods high in zinc and omega-3 are the best ideas. This may sound a little strange, but increase your cholesterol intake, since it is a base hormone. Whole eggs are a great source that are also low in sat fat.
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