Hypo or hyperadrenia? and what to do about it?

  1. Hypo or hyperadrenia? and what to do about it?


    1) Chronic Stim use for 5+ YEARS without stopping. No high doses of anything, however, hardly any breaks.

    I do feel I "need" them for workouts otherwise my workouts seem useless. Before anyone jumps my crap forthis, I use low doses and feel Ive never fully attenuated to these as Ive neverhad the need to increase doses. I liken this to the typical Amercan drinking a few cups of coffee everyday of his/her life. not the smartest thing but within reasonable limits.

    2) I have been under a ton of stress lately (work/family, etc).

    3) The last week, I've suffered MAJOR:
    extreme apathy/borderline depression
    lethargy/tired all the time
    workouts suck (noo motivation/little energy)
    carb cravings out the wazoo
    wake up exhausted (difficulties falling asleep at times)
    weight gain (prolly a secondary effect of the overeating and carbs as well as the **** work outs)

    Would my problem bee hypo or hyperadrenia? The sides from hypo and hyper can be similar.

    PS: I know everything points to hypO-adrenia (chronic fatigue Syn) but I read that Hypo leads to UNDER-eating. Im starving all the times.

  2. I cant offer you much help as far as identifying your condition but i suffer from those problems as well. Sometimes i get EXTREMEY depressed i havent really figured out how to cope with it. I do eat alot of carbs and one way i found to deal with this is drink alot of water or liquid instead. The water filling you up will lower the amount of calories you take in and cause you to burn some fat ( hopefully). I cant EVER fall asleep at an appropriate time... But tiring myself out during the day sometimes makes it a little better. As for the motivation problem im pretty sure it will be solved after you get some more sleep. I know when i dont sleep enough i do awful in sports practice. Last night i got three hours of sleep and lost my wrestling match miserably today... Although i was better than the kid i wrestled.

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