Oatmeal Recipes & Ideas?

  1. Oatmeal Recipes & Ideas?

    Well I'm going back to making instant oatmeal again because i was off it for about 2months and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas about some good ideas to do w/ quick oats.

    My old recipe was Oatmeal w/ Honey , Cinnamon, And some peanut butter. But i would like to avoid the peanut butter do the high levels of fat.

    I was wondering about any type of ground nuts and which would be the best choice. Thanks guys any advice can always help.

    -Matt Roeske

  2. Oatmeal cooked in milk, then add one crystal light lemonade and a little fake butter spray....Tasty
    oatmeal+sugar free hot chocolate....also nice
    oats and protein powder of choice...taste good and good for you
    oatmeal with butter eggs sugar and raisins....I wish.
    Ground oatmeal with Protein following Pslin....Your gonna get huge.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. I've found that 100g of oats, with WPI, plus 30g of dextrose is an amazing post workout meal. Oh yeah, with only a splash of water. This results in being able to eat it quite easily & it not being gluggy & it being a (yummy) quick filling meal, with fast & slow digesting carbs!

    Only ad about 30ml of water...hardly anything!

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