Best source of protein?

  1. Best source of protein?

    Is there one source of protein that is considered to be better than others? Chicken, red meat, fish, whey shake etc.?

  2. Egg is the most complete protein

  3. I think if you were to rank them it would look something like this:
    Egg Protein
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  4. Each protein source has a diffrent amino acid profile and biological value therefore giving each diffrent benefits. Egg protein does have the highest BV and therefore is wasted the least by the body. The best way is to make sure you get your protein from diffrent sources.

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    Egg is the most complete protein
    Yep, yep. Egg protein is actually used in determining the biological value of other proteins by comparision.
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    Yep, yep. Egg protein is actually used in determining the biological value of other proteins by comparision.
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  7. While egg is the best/most complete protein, taking in a variety of proteins is very beneficial, factors include digestion rates, allergens(personal), and whether your looking for a shake or a meal. Also, egg albumen has shown a small effect towards diminishing the catabolic hormone myostatin.

  8. And the morale of the story is...variety. End of thread.

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    End of thread.


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