Pre-Workout Nutrition for Early lifters

  1. Pre-Workout Nutrition for Early lifters

    Hey guys, I have been reading a lor on nutrition and more specifically the importance of PreWO nutrition.

    I am convinced it is very important now, but the thin is I get up at 5:20AM to get to the gym at 6:00.

    Should I eat anything solid or will a protein+carbs shake will do?

    If I should eat some solid food preWO, do you have any recommendations that I could cook the night before and store in the fridge? since I don't feel like cooking that early in the morning.

    Thanks guys

  2. I used to just have two slices of bread with a whey shake pre workout then an hour later my pre workout NO, or whatever else I was using. I did that for a few months with limited results. Since, I have been emphasizing whole food protein sources and carb sources. In my opinion, a whole food meal, such as a cup of oats, can of tuna, and some natural PB or a TBS of olive oil would give you great energy for your workout.

  3. I do oats and whey in the morning - grind them up so your body can stomach them and be able to lift shortly after.

    What you could consider doing is improve your pre-bed meal -e.g. add in some carbs/fruit and a nice serve of protein, maybe a bit of fat - something like cottage cheese with pb and an apple which will help with your morning workouts.

  4. Bump - to see if theres anyone that does fasted lifts.

    I did this about 5 months back for a month when I had the energy (fewer work obligations) to lift in the morning and I had probably best gains ive had since the year i started lifting.
    I was taking some supps i also believe may have been responsible but just wanted to see if anyone out there gets good results out of fasted A.M. lifts

  5. I usually eat 1/4 cup oats along with one scoop of whey protein. I seem to have great workout is similar to yours...I get up at 5am to be there lifting at 6am.

    I just wonder if I should be mixing any fat with my protein at this, flaxseed oil for example.

  6. Thanks everybody for their responses. great tips I will probably just mix some oatmeal with protein and maybe add a bannana or an apple.

    And like asianbabe said add a bit of carbs and fat to my prebed meal.

    I just wonder if I should be mixing any fat with my protein at this, flaxseed oil for example.
    I remember someone saying it was not a good idea to consume fats at this time, don't remember exactly why, but I think it might've been cause instead of absorbing healthy fats you would end up using them for energy?

    Can someone corroborate please?

  7. I'm training around 5:00am and have any type of carbs before bed usually over 2 meals. Oats, Brown Rice, Pasta and even pizza if it's the night before a leg workout.

    I only have a small portion of protein with each and never any added fats.

    Mornings before training is just stimlulants (Coffee and Chocomine or AMP) and BCAA's, ALCAR & Creatine.

    I have a great w/o every time.

    If i do eat anything i just feel like going back to bed!!!



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