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  1. Shaker experts - talk to me

    I need a good shaker to mix my drinks and shakes in. Definitely let me know if you got it freebee or a good price somewhere. Here are some of the things that I think would help me. Hopefully I can get as many of these as I can.

    a fluid indicator of ounces or ml on the side in increments
    screw top that will stay on
    will it fit in car cupholders
    a pop up or sports dispenser or whatever type works best for travel
    one big enough to hold 32 oz. or fraction thereof
    one that is dishwasher safe and writing wont rub off
    wont stain
    can put boiling water in it (not super important but can be useful)

  2. blender bottle

    i think this meets most of your requirements ... best money I've spent on a shaker

    Blender Bottle

    I have 3 of them ... 1 for shakes at the office, 1 for cooking (eggs 'n such), and 1 for shakes at the gym

  3. blender bottle ; got it at the planet.

  4. Blender Bottle!

    Best shaker I ever owned!

  5. don't hate me for suggesting this.. but I saw one that looked pretty neat at GNC.. it's sort of like a blender bottle, but it has a small whisk-ball instead of a blendy thingy.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ozarkaBRAND View Post
    don't hate me for suggesting this.. but I saw one that looked pretty neat at GNC.. it's sort of like a blender bottle, but it has a small whisk-ball instead of a blendy thingy.
    that is the blender bottle! so another vote for that from ozarka, as well as for me. the wire ball does a great job, and gnc does carry them so you can check em out there.

  7. Another vote for the BLENDER BOTTLE! I have 4 and love them.

  8. ha.. i'm apparently an idiot. lol

    i thought a blender bottle was a bottle that had a spiny blendy thing in it.. Wrong!

  9. I just ordered a blender bottle from "the planet"

    edit: just received blender bottle. It's pretty friggin' awesome.

  10. Blender Bottle is all I use, and it holds up well in the dishwasher and fits in the cupholder.

  11. I like it, except for when the ball falls out into the cats litter box.

  12. I just ordered one can't wait to try it out. My current shaker bottle needs to retire, it will be a sad goodbye.

  13. I had one a while back, the lid cracked on me though. i don't know if it was from the heat in the dishwasher, or always cranking down too hard (paranoid about leaks due to experiences w/ past shakers) or both.

  14. cranking down too hard, I had that happen this week. not too bad really tho, it still was 6 months old

  15. i really think i need to put an order for some blender bottles in my next nutra even though they keep sending me free shakers that work pretty good

  16. I use a sad little walmart shaker. I'm still holding out for that glorious nutra freebie everyone talks about. Just imagine the day I open my order, and theres a free shaker in there - it'll be magical!

  17. Blender Bottles are the best thing that happened to my protein shakes. Screw forks/spoons and glasses! Speaking of BBs, I need to order a few from Nutra in a couple days

  18. Man, I've never gotten any free shakers from NP!

  19. I've been using ProSource brand shaker bottles. They have held up better than their GNC counterparts. The rubber o-ring on the GNC ones always comes out and gets lost... there goes your water tight seal.

    I haven't used a blender bottle. Sounds interesting.

  20. I LOVE my blender bottle. I also like the old "turbo shaker". It has "fins" molded into the bottom and into the lid of the shaker. It works well, lasts forever, and doesn't leak. It isn't as convenient or good as the blender bottle though. I hate the ones with the little grid that goes between the cup and the lid.

  21. Heck for 20 bucks you can go to Walmart and buy the mini blender. That thing is the best. It goes every where with me

  22. Quote Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
    I hate the ones with the little grid that goes between the cup and the lid.
    You think the grid doesn't work very well? The bottles I'm currently using have that 'grid'. But, I haven't had any problems (clumping) with it.

    Of course, the only things I've been mixing are MRPs and protein only shakes.

  23. Star Chem Labs has the best shaker.
    *screw on lid
    *dishwasher safe
    *holds 30 oz
    *Doesnt Leak!!!
    *doesnt stain
    *and fits in car cup holders!

  24. Another vote for the Blender Bottle!BY FAR, the best that i;ve used in regards to getting a "No Clump" shake. I have had multiple and will always use them as opposed to the old-fashioned GNC shakers. I keep 1 at the office, one at home, and have i carry with me...

    (i know i know.. a bit overkill! But we've all had it where we went to get a shake and didnt have a shaker. I dont care how "instantized" these whey protein are... a fork and water dont cut it!)

  25. Nuff said! Nothing comes close! $6 or so from Nutraplanet!

    Blender Bottle (28 oz) By: Sundesa


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