Anabolic Diet: First Carb Up

  1. Anabolic Diet: First Carb Up

    My first carb up occured today, christmas day. I believe I got the infamous carb coma, because I woke up with insane energy, and after a breakfast of oatmeal, fruitbread w/ butter, chocolate covered prezzles, I felt like sleeping for a few weeks. I took some leviathan and it cleared up the groggyness, but wow, what a difference. I love the feeling on high fat/protein / low carb.

    In any case I hope my glycogen stores will be ready tomorrow when I lift. I've heard that the day after a carb up you are like superman. I guess we shall see.

    So far the AD gets 10/10, even with the tiredness from refeeds.

  2. AD is the ****. Sometimes I go two weeks without carb up and it's all the more rewarding.

  3. I cleaned it up a bit, but I load with 2 DCP's and 2 P-slin's 15 min before these massive carb meals.

    Anyways I just had 1 bowl of oatmeal with 1 cup of milk and 1 medium banana. That's 95 carbs alone. Add to that 2 peices of wheat bread w/ butter, another 40 carbs, and some more chocolate pretzels, 30 more carbs. Almost 170 carbs... rofl.

  4. I love the AD. Good luck man

  5. The first 12 days honestly made such a noticeable difference. I went on a clean diet for 4 months with cardio, and 12 days on the anabolic diet was about 100 times more effective.... what a freakin' breakthrough. I feel like I discovered 'the secret' or something. Anyways, from here on out it's tweak time. I'm an endo, so I bet I will fair better with 6 on 1 off.

  6. Where can I read about the anabolic diet?

  7. What are you doing for breakfast? Eggs everyday gets a little old for me, any other suggestions?
    "I would be proud to sport that body on the beach, or for a hot date." -Dsade commenting on my pics

  8. Someone Post their AD mealplan plix


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