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    Let me start off by saying that Iím 38 years old and have been a heavy smoker (1-1.5 packs per day) for 20 years. Iíve tried quitting cold-turkey and with the aid of the patch quite a few times to no avail. Well, I read about Chantix about a year or more ago and finally got around to ordering it (W/O a scrip) and giving it a shot. Now, I was determined to quit anyway so if it worked, GREAT! If it didnít, I was going to quit, regardless.
    When the package arrived, I read all of the instructions and took my first dose. You are supposed to pick a date, a week in the future from when you start the drug, and stop smoking altogether, while smoking normally up until that time. The first thing I noticed was the INTENSELY realistic dreams I started having. Not every night but a few. Other than that, the only thing that I noticed once I quit smoking altogether was that while I still had the urge, it was nowhere near as intense as quitting unassisted. I was able to just not smoke, even though Iím constantly around smokers and I still have the urge to. Itís like it made the cravings weak enough that I was able to exercise my will power. I didnít experience the crankiness, jitters or headaches that usually accompany quitting.
    Now it is recommended to take the drug for 12 weeks, however, I just bought a monthís worth and only used 3 weeks worth. Iím saving the last monthís worth in case the cravings come back or get worse. Plus I really couldnít afford the whole cycle and Iím the type that only likes to use the minimum amount needed as opposed to doing it until itís done. At any rate, it has worked like a charm and Iím so happy to be a non-smoker!!!
    Honestly, this is the hardest thing Iíve ever done and now that itís behind ne, I feel like thereís nothing that I canít do. You donít realize how fíed up smoking is until you try to quit and canít. You really feel like a spineless a-hole.
    In conclusion, Chantix is amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that wants to quit. Itís, comparatively, easy to do and the side-effects were mild to none. Itís been about 2 weeks that Iíve not smoked or taken the drug and while the craving is still there, I can feel it getting lesser and lesser. If you were considering quitting, donít hesitate one second longer!

  2. Glad to hear your success and my wife will be thrilled. She is a pharma rep for Pfizer and Chantix is one of her drugs. I wish I could just send you some but that isnt gonna happen without her killing me. LOL

    Anyway, I assume by your comment you do not have insurance. If you do most insurance companies will jump at the chance to pay for chantix. The cost to pay for chantix is so cheap considering all the medical issues smoking costs.

    Good luck, I do recommend staying on it for a little longer than 3 weeks but dont think you HAVE to use it for 12 weeks.

  3. i quit- this stuff is the best!!!

    weird dreams - but cool!!

    make sure you eat with lots of food and water!!!

    stay away from people who smoke!!


    i quit 6 months now... i have tried to quit off and on for a while now... and i must say this stuff works great!!

  4. Thats great, good job and my wife will be geeked to hear the good feedback on her drug

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