Anyone try Bison? Yummmmmy!

  1. Anyone try Bison? Yummmmmy!

    Just started eating Bison 90% lean burgers... My god they are a lot better than regular hamburgers.... I think I may try a roast or steak next time.... Looks like they have a good amount of protein.

  2. Yeah it's excellent lean meat. I fry it and add eggs and garlic salt for low carb days. On Carb up days I fry rice with onions and add Bison for Bison Fried Rice.

  3. My fav red meat! Check out the Montana Grill if you're in Atlanta. Great bison steaks! I eat ground bison mostly,burgers,burritoes,ect.

  4. Bison, the other red meat. lol

    Love the stuff.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    Love the stuff.
    Good to know..... Hope it goes good with my Bolic!.... Starting that cycle in a couple days.



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