red meats linked to carcinogenesis

  1. red meats linked to carcinogenesis

  2. I'll take the risk.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by eros62d View Post
    I'll take the risk.
    oh yea me as well. i'm by no means anti-meat haha

  4. They can correlate almost anything in a large cohort study. But since correlation does not mean causation, and there are no controls in cohort studies, I don't put any stock in the so called "findings". I'm much more trusting of randomized controlled trials.

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    Interesting. I definitely agree with your statement about causation (cancer causation is a highly difficult topic), but I would put stock into this finding. I work for a leading cancer center in New York City as a research study assistant and I can tell you our studies have some extremely interesting results regarding diet. Of course, I work with patients who have prostate, bladder, and kidney cancer which this article clearly isn't targeting.

    I think the take home message is to do everything in moderation, including moderation itself. Those top 20% of red meat eaters probably were stuffing down more meat in day than we do in a week.

    There may even be RCTs supporting this finding, but I'd like to see those.

    I definitely agree with you on the moderation front. Too much of any food can probably cause one issue or another.

  6. i had a bowl full of ground beef tonight.. extra-lean of course...

    does this mean I'm going to die? lol

  7. I believe in 'excess in moderation'.
    Recent log:

  8. I eat lean beef only on training days which is 3 x's per week. I eat one lb per day so three lbs per week. Other days are Fish, chicken, etc AMJUNE50 50 % off

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  9. my diet is just a mixture of wholesome foods - a variety of meats (lean beef, turkey, chicken, pork), eggs, wholesome grains (quinoa, cousecouse, Ezekial... and lots of potatoes), then some healthy fats. i just don't eat pounds and pounds of beef every single day. i strongly believe in everything in moderation. watch your diet and be smart about things. you wouldn't typically eat 20 whole eggs in a day, so why eat hoards of beef?


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