Time Off

  1. Time Off

    Ok so my body is feeling really beat from my previous OVT training session for the past 12 weeks. I decided to take a week off to recover. During this time i will do 45 minute low intensity cardio daily.

    To minimize fat gain should i consume less than my normal diet. I usually get around 3600 calories per day with 81g fat/400g carb/300g protein. I was thinking about knocking it back to 3100 calories per day with 81g fat/325g carb/260g protein.

    Does this look good or are there any suggestions. This is really the first time ive taken a whole week off so im not sure what to do. Thanks and reps.

  2. Why change the diet at all? If you want to minimize fat gain eat as clean as you can. 1 week isnt that long of a break, besides your going to do cardio so feed those muscles while they get a break!

  3. I take off a week from all weight training every 3 months and I make better gains than any natural trainer at my gym for the last 15 years.
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  4. I agree with ITHURTZ. One week is not a long break. if that diet is working for you keep it up. its hard for me to take breaks to but once I started forcing myself to break more often I saw much better gains.
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