detox diets???

  1. detox diets???

    I see a lot of buzz about detox diets and was wondering if they work they claimed to drop 10lbs in like 10 days sounds to good to be true but was just wondering if anyone used the diet and what were their results???

  2. They're still up for debate on their efficacy as far as health benefits are concerned. Some doctors and nutritionists say that the body has all it needs to detox itself, yada yada yada... some believe it needs a break from digestion and a change in pH to really start detoxing and purging. I did a series of detoxes that I modified to my needs and goals and I believe it did work really well. I made a huge overhaul after the detox. I promised never to drink diet soda again, except maybe one a month. I haven't had candy since. I have been always hitting the gallon mark for water intake. I haven't eaten fast-food but a couple times in the past year. I prioritize anti-oxidants. I eat atleast 6 servings of fruits and veggies a day. A few other changes...

    My system was really sucking a while ago. I will do an easy detox as maintenence once a year... Here's my detox and the reasons behind it... It borrows from other ones.

    Supplies: A citrus juicer, lemons, grapefruits, oranges, nustevia, gallon sized jug, Poseidon, (grade B maple syrup-mentioned in the Master Cleanse. It has a good mineral and potassium profile and decent carbs), if you want to do the salt water flush, you can...

    Days 1-3
    Use the juice of 8 lemons combined with purified water to fill the gallon jug almost to the top. Squeeze a little bit of maple syrup in there, but not much. Add some Nustevia packets to sweeten it a little. Add 3 scoops of Poseidon. I don't believe you need the cayenne pepper. Honestly I don't. It's not just the taste it turns the drink into, I just really don't think the whole BTU increase is that much necessary for this cleansing phase.

    Drink as much of this as you want. Atleast finish the gallon.

    Days 4-5

    Dump out half of a gallon of water from the jug and fill the rest with grapefruit juice. Add a little bit of syrup and a couple packets of Nustevia. Add 3 scoops Poseidon. Drink this for the next 3 days.

    Days 7-9

    Same thing as the grapefruit juice cocktail, but use squeezed oranges. We're moving up the pH scale and working into a sub-acidic level so we can get our body phasing out of detox mode.

    Transition phase:

    Lookup sub-acidic fruits and vegetables and eat these for the next 3 days to get your body out of detoxification.

    Slowly add in other foods like complex carbs, protein, fats.. but wait a while to eat red meat.

    Many can criticize me and my methods, but this diet has good logic to it and is a solid foundation for a good, safe, detox. If you want to add laxative tea, or a fiber cleanse, or an enema, or salt water flush... go for it. The lemonade and fruit will give you the runs anyways. Eat berries when you hit your sub-acidic intake phase. Your ass will be making out with the toilet for a long time.
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