Can I still lift with a heart condition?

  1. Can I still lift with a heart condition?

    I am 45 years old and have been weight training for many years. I have recently been told I have Left Ventricular Hypertophy, Low Ejection Fraction (35%) and Global Hypokinesis. I also have a history of High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol (LDL), High Triglycerides and Anxiety. I have been on various medications for many years to control these conditions. I am currently taking Atacand (for BP), Zetia (cholesterol) and Effexor (anxiety). My cardiologist has recently prescribed Coreg which I am now taking in addition to my other meds. My recent blood work also shows that have Epstein Barr Virus.

    I have used many bodybuilding supplements including prohormones. I have used Pheraplex, Superdrol, Holodrol, and various forms of creatine and stimulants. I recently completed a cycle of Epistane and Trenadrol just before learning of my heart condition. I also take Multi Vitamins, Omega 3 and Hawthorn Berry. when I was in my 20's I frequently used Cocaine and Meth. I still use Cannabis regularly. I have been Coke and Meth free for around 15 years. I smoked cigarettes from my teens until my early 30's. I do not drink much alcohol although I have in the past. I know I must be crazy for using all these substances but I'm sure there are many supplement addicts like myself who have also used recreational drugs and tobacco. I am aware that these may have contributed to my condition.

    My question is could any of my bodybuilding supplementation have caused my heart condition?
    Will I ever be able to weight train again? What if I were to use low weights with high reps? What about cardio? I have not exercised at all since learning of my condition. But now I feel miserable and have always felt better when I workout regularly.

    Are there any bodybuilding supplements I can still take? What supplements would be beneficial for my heart? What should I avoid using?

    Is it possible that taking all these meds at once could have a negative effect? What about the side effects? Is it really necessary to take Atacand and Coreg together?

    Any input would be appreciated. I am going to post the same questions on some other bodybuilding forums as well as a few medical forums.


  2. I think it would be irresponsible for anyone other than your physician to give you the "ok" to exercise with your condition.

    As far as your supplementation being correlated with your condition, the one thing that does stand out to me is your use of PheraPlex(DMT/Madol).

    Pheraplex and the heart

  3. I am just putting this out there but wouldn't exercise strengthen your heart and keep it healthy? Very light cardio and weight training are usually encouraged among people with your problems. As mentioned though this is a question only your doctor can answer.

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